Disney's Present Dreamlight Valley - The New Magical World, Disney Presents

As The Name Suggests, This Have Caused People Lost Their Memory, Into Darkness

To Solve This Mystery The One Must Harness The Magical Power And Regain The Memories Of The Villagers.

For Disney ;Lovers, This Opens A Door To A Journey Of Nostalgia. 

A Player Has To Build A Bond With The Characters, And Carry On Their Quests To Earn Exciting Rewards. 

The Players Were Tasked First To Create Their Disney Avatar's, The Character Creation And Customise Your World & House.

The Key To Collecting Coins Or Money Is To Improve Friendships Levels, And Acquiring The In-game Currency Which Unlock New Realms And Allies. 

The Game Has Access To 17 New Characters To Connect With Emerging From, Merlin And Micky, To Kristoff And Mother Gothel.

The People Fall Into The Magical World, It's A Fun, Colourful, And Highly Addictive Adventure.