Jade Cline Is Engaged to Boyfriend Sean Austin

MTV cast Jade Cline has now confirmed the news of her engagement with her boyfriend Sean Austin. 

Cline added as she was surprised when Austin bend on one knee and propose to her.

Their daughter Kloie turned five recently on the 8th of September. She also joined the celebration of their parents.

In the midst of her pregnancy in 2018. During the year 2019 while filming she and Austin broke up due to an abusive issue.

Later on, the couple reunited and mentioned on her Instagram that she is a proud girlfriend by appreciates him.

To be MRS. AUSTIN by 2023 October, she confirmed her wedding on the theme “ Gothic Victorian.”

Sean gave clarity in 2021 that previously he has been suffering from drug addiction and now doing well.

He also mentioned that he has a lot of thing inside his chest and want to unbury everything, said while Instagram live. 

He has worked on himself to get him in a better position after dealing with the addiction. 

Now the couple shared the happy moments and some laughs together with their daughter Kloie.