ZAC EFRON American Actor

An Online Photo In April 2021 Prompted A Viral Controversy That The Actor Had Had Plastic Surgery.

Efron Talks About His Plastic Surgery

Zac Efron Addresses Speculation About Possible Plastic Surgery In An Interview With Men's Health.

Efron Said The Specific Chewing Muscles Around His Jaw Became Enlarged As A Result Of The Injury.

Zac Efron Went Viral In April 2021 After Appearing In An Earth Day Special With Scientist Bill Nye

After The At-home Accident, Zack Said That The Muscles In His Face "Have Gotten Really, Really Big.

Zac Helped A Physical Therapist To Counteract His Growth And Get His Face Back Into Shape.

This Is The Second Time Zack Broke His Jaw While Doing So In 2013.