Top Android Apps to Beauty Your Face

Top Android Apps to Beauty Your Face

Hello Friends, do you want to make your photo look like a DSLR photo pic?. If so, in this post we are providing you the best list of a photo to best app converter which is for both Android and iPhone. The camera effect gives a different look to your photos than you seem like a professional. The list of the cartoon pictures app we share the best face apps. You can download them once and try on the play store.

1. PicsArt Photo Editor

MB : 29mb

Downloads :- 500+

Intro :-  PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

I love this app it’s so easy to use! I recommend tutorials or just play around with it. It has so many cool features considering its free and I’d definitely recommend it! And there’s no adds!!! I love that so much.

2. Snapseed

MB : 23mb

Downloads :- 10,13,693

Intro :-  Snapseed – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

I really nice this app, And it has many features to work on. But my Expand feature hasn’t been working for a while. It’s a wonderful feature. When I open my expand menu, It shows the picture that I’m working on and then the bars which we use to expand the picture with particular colors. But those bars aren’t working, Like no matter how I try, but it ain’t movin’ !! It was one of the best parts of it. Please do something about it. thanks.

3. Photo Editor Pro

MB : 12mb

Downloads :- 2,09,566

Intro :-  Photo Editor Pro – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Everything else on this is pretty easy to use but the body stretch thingy is funny to use like when u lower the size the circle is hard to move and that ain’t a pretty bad problem it’s not like a problem that will make u delete the app.

4. Adobe Lightroom

MB : 66mb

Downloads :- 3,96,637

Intro :-  Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

An amazing way to consolidate and organize all of. Your photos into one place and sort them by capture dates! The only feature I’d really love to see that is annoying when it comes to workarounds is to be able to upload videos from the mobile app, as well as view them on the mobile app. Update: The ability to upload videos from my Android phone has been added!

5. Photo Editor

MB : 22mb

Downloads :- 3,96,637

Intro :-  Photo Editor – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Great app for landscapes. A bit hard to work with for fine facial details. Still, nice to have! Photo Editor is extremely powerful photo editing software with amazing filters, effects, frames and much more!

6. Photo editor

MB : 8.1mb

Downloads :- 46,494

Intro :-  Photo editor – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

7. Nature Photo Editor – Nature Photo Frame

MB : 11mb

Downloads :- 2011

Intro :-  Nature Photo Editor – Nature Photo Frame – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Nature photo editor gives a smooth crop to apply your camera picture to any nature background. it enhances picture quality with built-in tools provided by nature photo editor.

8. Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets – Lumii

MB : 22mb

Downloads :- 8821

Intro :-  Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets – Lumii – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Lumii, as a powerful photo editor pro, values simplicity and practicality the most. Just simple and fast touches, you can create artistic high quality works without any professional skills.

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