Simpsons Goes Anime For Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII And Fans Love It So Much

Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII

Simpsons Goes Anime For Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII And Fans Love It So Much

Fans Of The Simpsons Have Enjoyed The Death Note Parody In Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII.

Some “Simpsons” fans are rarely let down by an episode of “Treehouse of Horror,” and “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” appears to have been well received by viewers, especially in light of the “Death Note”-themed animation segment “Death Tome.”

The Simpsons Season

The nearly 30 humorous seasons of “The Simpsons” have undoubtedly been entertaining to watch for a variety of reasons, but the show’s three-segment Halloween special stands out for many as a noteworthy occasion. Over the years, the Emmy-winning series has expertly parodied a wide range of intellectual properties, including “The Shining” and “Parasite.” The full-length “Not It” adaptation of the Stephen King novel and a story with three parts were both released as part of the 34th season’s decision to step things up.

“Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” featured references to both the HBO series “Westworld” and the “Simpson” adaptation of “The Babadook.” A sequel to “Death Note,” “Death Tome,” also became fully animated. Lisa Simpson attempts to use the “Death Tome,” which can eliminate a person once their name is recorded on one of its pages while posing as Light to use it. In the exquisitely animated segment of the “Treehouse of Horror” show, things naturally don’t go as planned, which results in some hilarious moments.

While it’s easy to suppose that a large portion of viewers thought “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” was hilarious from beginning to end, a sizable number of viewers have many excellent points to make regarding “Death Tome.”

Simpsons Goes Anime For Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII

Fan Favorites of The Simpsons Love Death Tome.

It’s no surprise that so many people would enjoy “The Simpsons” adaptation of the original material as “Death Note” is one of the most popular anime shows (according to Anime News Network). Many Reddit users have gushed about it and praised the beautiful animation technique in particular. U/Sonia341 gave the characters and general appearance high marks, stating, “Segment from Death Tome looks fantastic. Lisa looks great.” U/Porphyrin Ring admired the fashion, blogging, and “The entire Death note portion was incredible! The animation was expertly executed.” They did an excellent job nailing the key beats of Death Note, and I felt entirely hooked into the story, the user said of the parody’s plot.

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And people outside of Reddit were enthusiastic about the entry. Several viewers on Twitter praised the visually stunning animation design of “Death Tome,” with the comment “This was an incredible Simpsons episode,” submitted by @TheAurizen. I expect to see more Simpsons with Japanese anime influences!” Some people, like @MrIppikodoku, expressed their desire for it not to be so brief “If only it were a little bit longer. More of this done in this manner would be fantastic!” And it’s safe to believe that a post from @tacotrader1 with the phrase “hey, why does “The Simpsons” anime style slap so funking hard” encapsulates how most fans who loved the “Death Note” perspective felt above everything else “Death Note” is also adored by others, thus “Death Tome”


Even Death Note fans who don’t watch it adore it.

Twitter users like @headbutt76, who remarked, “I thought that was fantastic and I had no experience with the source material, made sure folks understood it wasn’t simply “Death Note” enthusiasts giving “Death Tome” major acclaim. Additionally, ShowTime commented on the thread, “I’ve never seen an episode of Death Note, but they went above and beyond with that spoof.” The praise that the “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” part has got continues on after that, too. The Simpsons fans have nothing but appreciation for the Death Note spoof in Treehouse of Horror XXIII.

Those who have not participated in “The “Simpsons” fandom have recently experienced a resurgence because of the “Death Note” parody, as evidenced by posts from users like u/The League Of Owls who said, “First new Simpsons episode I’ve watched at broadcast in 12 years. Even though the stories have aged and the voices have lost some of their lusters, the Death Note part was brilliant.” Even hilarious is the fact that “Simpsons” executive producer Matt Selman foresaw this response when he discussed the “very real “Simpsons” anime with Variety in July 2022. So I genuinely think people were going to freak out about it, Selman told the media outlet. He made a daring prediction, which turned out to be accurate.

Overall, “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” was a good contribution to The Simpsons canon, and it’s probably a good assumption to make that some of “Death Tome” will eventually rank among the most pause-inducing scenes the show has to offer.

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