Courtney Vucekovich speaks out after viewers question a Bite Mark Photo featured in Armie Hammer Doc

Armie Hammer

Courtney Vucekovich speaks out after viewers question a Bite Mark Photo featured in Armie Hammer Doc

Courtney Vucekovich speaks out after viewers question a Bite Mark Photo featured in Armie Hammer Doc

Courtney Vucekovich, House of Hammer’s spokesperson, tells PEOPLE that the photo in question was sent by Armie to our archived thread. I believe it to be a photo of me a year later.

Courtney Vucekovich speaks out about Armie Hammer’s new docuseries. She also discusses a photo in the series that viewers discovered was actually from Pinterest.

Vucekovich, 35, recounts her past experiences in discovery+’s House of Hammer. She says she “lost [her] whole sense of self” during their long-lasting relationship back in 2020. Hammer allegedly sent the doc with voice notes and text messages about their relationship and their fantasies.

A photo of Vucekovich describing the alleged injuries she suffered while Vucekovich was on TikTok and social networking shows Vucekovich with a picture taken online of a tattoo that has a bite mark. She says that the picture is taken by Armie, as it appears onscreen. He is very hard to please. He tells me to wear them as a badge or honor. It’s almost like he convinced my lucky heart to have them.”

Vucekovich, in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE explains how the photo ended-up at House of Hammer.

“Love-bombing can result in multiple images being sent to you at once. She says that she received many messages, including numerous images and videos, during my time with Armie. “The photo with the bite mark was sent by Armie in our archived thread. It was over a year later that I thought it was a picture of me, as I have many photos of his abuse of my body.”

Armie Hammer

Vucekovich adds, “I have chosen my story to shed light upon what I experienced in my relationship in hope that others aren’t placed in the same position.”

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Talos Films, the production company behind this docuseries says that they take very seriously their responsibility to represent victims’ stories. We immediately started investigating the series when new information was available and will make any necessary changes as soon as possible. We are proud to have Courtney Vucekovich, Casey Hammer and others come forward to tell the truth and we stand behind the important message of this docuseries.

The photo is currently being removed from the Docuseries.

Elizabeth Chambers, who has two children with Hammer, filed for divorce in July 2020 citing irreconcilable difference. After messages online claiming to be from Hammer detailing his violent sexual fantasies, Hammer was embroiled in controversy for months. Later, he was accused of rape. He denied it.

Andrew Brettler, Hammer’s lawyer, stated previously in a statement to Vanity Fair that all interactions between Hammer and his former partners were mutually agreed upon. They were discussed in detail, agreed on in advance with his partners, and mutually participative. Although the stories shared on social media were intended to be offensive in order to hurt Mr. Hammer, that doesn’t make them true.

House of Hammer streaming now on discovery+

(PEOPLE worked previously with the production company of the 2021 documentary Rebuilding Hope. The Children of September 11.

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