Freaking Massive’s Great White Sharks Circle Kayak in Heart-Bopping Video

Freaking Massive’s Great White Sharks Circle Kayak in Heart-Bopping Video

Freaking Massive’s Great White Sharks Circle Kayak in Heart-Bopping Video

The most massive” Great white sharks have been caught circling in on a kayak in an incredible video.

In the video that was uploaded to the YouTube channel Fisherman’s Chronicles, a man can be seen in a kayak through Northern California. A shark of great white starts circling around the kayak.

Great white sharks are located in the waters of Northern California, particularly during the summer, warm months. Sharks are known to make circles around things in water. Many believe they do this prior to attacking their prey. Scientists say this is merely sharks’ way to get a clearer picture of what’s in the water. This is more of curiosity rather than aggression.

“That’s a huge great white shark, oh my god,” the man is heard saying. “That’s a huge, huge great white shark. Oh my god, that’s the size of my kayak.”

The man starts filming the shark. The shark continues to circle around the kayak. He is using the GoPro camera to capture the shark as it swims.

The man calls out to another person in the sea, warning of sharks that are lurking.

“Freaking massive,” the man declares.

It continues its circle around around the kayak.

“He’s circling my kayak,” the man claims. The video ends.

In a note accompanying the film, Fisherman’s Chronicles says that it was “one of the most incredible and certainly humbling experiences.”

The shark then swam away “in search of something tastier,” the caption reads.

Fisherman’s Chronicles posted a video on Instagram where sharks can be observed swimming on an island prior to changing to the other.

It’s not known what the size of this white is, however it appeared to be about the same size as his kayak.

Great white sharks may reach the size of approximately 15 feet but there are some that grow to be much bigger. Some species can reach 20 feet in length , and can weigh as much as 5000 pounds.

“That’s my biggest fear, I panic when seals are that close. When he was doing laps I would have passed out,” one YouTube user stated on the comment section.

Another one said: “I don’t think I could just film him. phew. he could get more curious at any time. just me maybe, but they are what they are. Stay safe.”

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