Matt Ulrich, Super Bowl champion with Colts, dead at 41; owner Jim Irsay ‘heartbroken’

Matt Ulrich

Matt Ulrich, Super Bowl champion with Colts, dead at 41; owner Jim Irsay ‘heartbroken’


In a somber turn of events, the football world mourns the loss of Matt Ulrich, a Super Bowl Champion with the Colts, who passed away at the age of 41. The news has left the Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, heartbroken and fans grappling with the untimely departure of a player who contributed significantly to the team’s historic Super Bowl Victory. In this article, we pay tribute to Matt, reflecting on his accomplishments, impact, and the void left in the hearts of those who knew him.

Early Days and Rise to Super Bowl Glory

Matt Ulrich‘s journey in the world of football began with a passion for the game that quickly translated into notable achievements on the field. Born into the sport’s spirit, Ulrich’s dedication and talent propelled him through the ranks, eventually landing him a spot with the Indianapolis Colts. It was with this team that he etched his name into football history as a key player in their Super Bowl triumph.

Matt Ulrich

Ulrich’s Super Bowl Victory became a defining moment not only for him but also for Colts fans who celebrated the team’s success. His contributions, both on and off the field, solidified his place in the hearts of supporters who reveled in the joy of witnessing their team clinch the championship.

The Colts’ Owner, Jim Irsay, Heartbroken

The news of Matt Ulrich‘s passing has left Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, profoundly heartbroken. In a statement, Irsay expressed the deep impact of Ulrich’s loss on the Colts’ community and the football fraternity at large. Irsay’s words reflect the genuine sorrow felt by those who knew Ulrich, highlighting the strong bonds that form within football teams and the profound sense of loss when a member of the football family is taken too soon.

Celebrating Ulrich’s Achievements

As we remember Matt Ulrich, it is essential to celebrate the achievements that defined his football career. His Super Bowl win is not just a trophy on a shelf; it represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Ulrich’s contribution to the Colts’ success is etched in the annals of football history, a legacy that will be remembered by fans and teammates alike.

Off the Field: The Man Behind the Jersey

Beyond his prowess on the football field, Matt Ulrich was a man with a story, a personality that went beyond the helmet and jersey. Fans and teammates will remember not only the athlete who fought valiantly for victory but also the person who brought camaraderie and spirit to the locker room. Ulrich’s impact off the field speaks to the broader influence that athletes have on the communities they represent and the lives they touch.

Community Engagement and Legacy Building

Matt Ulrich’s involvement in community initiatives and engagement off the field added another layer to his legacy. Whether through charitable endeavors, youth programs, or connecting with fans, Ulrich understood the importance of giving back. His legacy extends beyond the playing field, leaving an indelible mark on the communities that looked up to him as a role model.

Facing Challenges: The Human Side of a Champion

Matt Ulrich

It’s essential to acknowledge that even champions face challenges and struggles. Behind the triumphant moments and celebratory victories, athletes like Matt Ulrich navigate the complexities of life. In remembering Ulrich, we recognize the human side of a sports figure—a person who, despite achieving great heights, may have faced personal battles and adversities.

Impact on Teammates: A Brotherhood Remembered

The bond forged among teammates is a unique and powerful aspect of sports. As Colts players mourn the loss of Matt Ulrich, they also reflect on the shared experiences, victories, and challenges they faced together. The locker room, once a place of unity and camaraderie, now feels the absence of a brother in arms. Ulrich’s impact on his teammates extends beyond the field, reminding us of the profound connections formed within the world of sports.

Grieving Fans: A Community United in Sorrow

Colts fans, known for their unwavering support, now find themselves united in grief over the loss of Matt Ulrich. The emotional connection between fans and players is a testament to the profound impact sports figures have on communities. The outpouring of tributes, memories, and expressions of sorrow from fans worldwide underscores the sense of loss felt by those who cheered for Ulrich during his time with the Colts.

Supporting the Ulrich Family: A Collective Effort

In times of tragedy, the football community rallies together to support the grieving family. The Ulrichs, now facing the unthinkable loss of a loved one, receive the collective sympathy and solidarity of fans, teammates, and the broader football fraternity. It is in these moments of sorrow that the strength of the sports community shines, demonstrating the power of compassion and shared humanity.

Legacy Beyond the Field: Lessons from Ulrich’s Journey:

As we reflect on the life of Matt Ulrich, it’s essential to extract lessons from his journey. His dedication, resilience, and commitment to both his team and community serve as inspiration for aspiring athletes and individuals facing challenges. Ulrich’s legacy extends beyond the football field, leaving a lasting imprint on the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the enduring spirit of a champion.


The passing of Matt Ulrich marks a poignant moment in the world of football—a reminder of the fragility of life and the lasting impact of those who grace the field. As we mourn the loss of a Super Bowl Champion, we also celebrate the legacy he leaves behind.

Matt Ulrich‘s contributions, both as an athlete and as a person, resonate far beyond the touchdowns and victories. In the collective grief of teammates, fans, and the broader football community, we find a testament to the profound connections forged through the beautiful game. May Matt rest in peace, his memory forever etched in the hearts of those who had the privilege of witnessing his journey.

What happened to Matt Ulrich?

Matt Ulrich, a former offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts during its Super Bowl-Winning Eeason in 2007, has died, the team’s owner Jim Irsay confirmed on social media. He was 41. “I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of Matt Ulrich,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, Nov.

Who owns the Colts?

Jim Irsay owns the Indianapolis Colts, the NFL team he inherited from his father, Robert Irsay (d. 1997). He grew up with the Colts, living with the team during summer camp and traveling on the team bus.

How did Jim Irsay get so rich?

21) Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts

Jim Irsay’s father, Robert, was a Chicago-based industrialist who built his fortune mostly on various heating and air conditioning businesses. Jim, the current owner of the Indianapolis Colts, inherited the team and his father’s wealth when the latter passed away in 1997.

How does Jim Irsay have so much money?

430 crores USD (2023)

What was the Colts’ original name?

The franchise, originally known as the Baltimore (Maryland) Colts (1953–84), has won three NFL championships (1958, 1959, 1968) and two Super Bowls (1971, 2007). The Colts originated from the dissolved Dallas Texans NFL team in 1953.

How much is the Colts worth?

4.35 billion U.S. dollars

The franchise value of the Indianapolis Colts from the National Football League increased from 2002 to 2023. In 2023, the franchise value amounted to 4.35 billion U.S. dollars, denoting an increase of around 14.4 percent over the previous year.

How much did Jim Irsay pay for Secretariat’s saddle?

The saddle used by jockey Ron Turcotte to ride Secretariat into the history books — with a 31-length, Triple Crown-winning victory at the 1973 Belmont Stakes — obviously belongs in the collection. That’s why it is among Irsay’s most recent and most treasured purchases, coming in at $2 million.

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