Read the love letter Suzanne Somers’ husband gave her 1 day before her death

Suzanne Somers

Read the love letter Suzanne Somers’ husband gave her 1 day before her death

Suzanne Somers’ husband gave her 1 day before her death

One day prior to her passing on Sunday at age 76, Suzanne Somers‘ husband Alan Hamel gave the “Three’s Company” actress a handwritten message.

The poem was given to Suzanne Somers by Hamel, 87, as part of an early birthday present. On Monday, the late actress passed away only days before her 77th birthday.

Publicist R. Couri Hay for the actress said that Hamel “gave it to her a day early and she read the poem and went to bed and later died peacefully in her sleep.”

The note was enclosed in a bouquet of pink peonies and was written in all caps.

“Love Every day, often more than once, I utilize it. I use it to thank my devoted family at the end of emails. Even in emails to my close pals, I use it. I use it whenever I leave the house,” the note stated, as reported by People. “There is love, and I love you too!! Therein lie some of the varied ways in which we employ love. When someone signs their email with love, I sometimes feel compelled to answer with love, even though it makes me uncomfortable.

“I use love to describe a delicious meal as well. I use it to convey my feelings regarding a Netflix program. I frequently use the word “love” to describe my house, my cat Gloria, her antics, and even the flavor of a cantaloupe I raised in my garden. Freshly grown organic royal jumbo dates are my favorite kind of date. I adore biting into a juicy, fresh fig. I enjoy seeing the two enormous blackbirds that live close by fly by my window in a power dive. Both the people and things I love and dislike are a part of my daily life, he continued. “I could go on forever, but you get the idea. What kind of love do I have for Suzanne Somers, my wife? Is it among the options above? Definitely not!!! There isn’t a definition of the word that fits Suzanne, and I even use the word relevant with caution.

“The verbal equivalent isn’t even close. Not even a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction exists. Love without conditions won’t cut it. I won’t hesitate to be shot for you doesn’t cut it. When I consider how I feel about you, I start to cry. Feelings… Though not quite, that is getting there.

“We’ve spent 55 years together, 46 of them married, and 42 of them haven’t even been an hour apart. Even that is insufficient, he continued. Even going to bed at six o’clock and sleeping with our hands clasped doesn’t work. It doesn’t work to keep gazing at your lovely face when you’re asleep.

“I’m feeling again. There aren’t any words,” he said. “Nothing is happening. No guarantees. There are none. After 150 years, not even the green-shaded academics of the Oxford University Press have managed to come up with that one term. So I’ll call it “Us,” a special, enchanted, and unbelievably amazing “Us.”

In 1977, Somers and Hamel exchanged vows. Her marriage to Bruce Somers, which terminated in 1968, produced Bruce, a son who is now 57 years old. She also served as the stepmother to Stephen and Leslie Hamel.

The cast of “Step by Step.”
Everett Collection is the source.
Suzanne Somers passed away early on Sunday after battling “an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years,” according to a statement from her spokeswoman.

The family of Suzanne Somers will come together on Monday to “celebrate her extraordinary life.” This week will also see a private family burial; a memorial service will be held the following month.

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