Taylor Swift 1989 album: A Look at Taylor Swift’s Unearthed Gems

Taylor Swift 1989 Album

Taylor Swift 1989 album: A Look at Taylor Swift’s Unearthed Gems


Taylor Swift 1989 album, marked a pivotal moment in her career, but what if there were more hidden gems waiting to be discovered from that era? In her recent release, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” Swift unveils never-before-heard Vault tracks alongside the re-recorded classics. These tracks may not be exactly from 1989, but they carry the unmistakable sound of Taylor Swift in 2023. In this article, we’ll delve into these hidden treasures, exploring their sound, style, and lyrical content.

A Leap in Time

The five fresh Vault tracks included in “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” may have been written around the time of the original Taylor Swift 1989 album, but their production and arrangement speak to a more contemporary Swift. With her trusty collaborator Jack Antonoff by her side, these tracks resonate with the sounds of 2022, or perhaps even “Midnights,” her most recent original album.

A Familiar Groove

Taylor Swift’s partnership with Jack Antonoff has yielded a distinct sound, characterized by percolating mid-tempo beats and infectious rhythms. This partnership remains consistent in “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” where Swift reimagines her older compositions in a present-day context. Although some may question the authenticity of these tracks, the lyrics are a dead giveaway that they are genuine remnants from that period.

The Essence of 2014

The lyrics in these Vault tracks capture a Taylor Swift in transition. In 2014, Swift was shedding her romantic naivete and embracing a wiser, more confident persona. These tracks portray a Taylor who knows that trouble is imminent but dives in anyway. The gut-wrenching pain found in some of her later songs is less present here. Instead, there’s a sense of moving on, accepting that certain relationships are Taylor Swift 1989 album better off in the past.

A Higher Class of Rogue

In the “1989” Vault tracks, Taylor Swift seems to be falling for a different type of person. She’s no longer the innocent romantic; she’s aware of the game and is willing to play. “Now That We Don’t Talk” captures this transformation, reflecting on the idea that giving less can sometimes lead to greater happiness. These tracks highlight a Taylor Swift who’s comfortable with herself, even if her love life isn’t perfect.

A Sound of Maturity in Taylor Swift 1989 Album

While the lyrics may convey a more experienced Swift, the music beds in these tracks exude a mid-tempo throb that emphasizes pleasure over sorrow. The “1989” Vault tracks adopt the sound of 2022 or “Midnights,” with a pop-suspense feel and a cheerful vibe. Taylor Swift has grown to embrace the practicality of dating and doesn’t dwell on the sadness of separations. This new material from the Taylor Swift 1989 album offers a more upbeat and mature perspective on love and relationships.

The Missing Singles

Interestingly, the “1989” Vault tracks do not contain any obvious singles, like her previous release, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” These tracks are not meant to stand alone but to complement the re-recorded album. Taylor Swift’s decision to emphasize her collaboration with Jack Antonoff is a wise one, creating a cohesive modern-day piece that captures the essence of her original work.


“1989 (Taylor’s Version)” offers fans a glimpse into a different side of Taylor Swift. These Vault tracks showcase her growth as an artist and her willingness to embrace the changing dynamics of love. While they may not be chart-toppers, they add depth to the “1989” experience. Taylor Swift’s ability to breathe new life into her old work while staying true to her present self is a testament to her enduring artistry. The release of “Taylor Swift 1989 album” in its reimagined form allows us to appreciate the evolution of an iconic artist who continues to captivate us with her music.

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